Udemy | Vmware Virtualization for beginners

Vmware Virtualization for beginners

Udemy | Vmware Virtualization for beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn Foundation concepts of Virtualization
Understand what is virtualization
Understand server vs desktop virtualization
Explain detail concepts of hyper visor
Understand types of hyper visors (Type1 vs Type2)
Hands on lab via VMware Workstation Pro 15.0
Creating Virtual Machines (VM’s) for virtualization infrastructure
Learn Virtual Machine hardware resources customization practical Labs
Installing Microsoft server 2016 operating system on VM’s
Understand what is SDN software define networking
Explain virtual networking concepts
Creating virtual network and explore default virtual networks inside VMware
Enabling remote desktop connection RDC on VM’s and connecting with internet or IT world
Understand snapshots concepts in computer or server virtualization industry


  • Basic Computer or IT knowledge


Do you want to get prepared for the VMware vSphere 6.7 Associate/Foundations & Hyper V exam?

Non-virtualized data centers are something that does not exist now or have been outdated, VMware vSphere is the need of a time which exist in all data center of the world. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to get ready to hands on practical experience in vSphere & hyper v, including absolute beginners to intermediate.

Learn about SDN and software define data center and explore tremendous features with practical hands on lab skills-oriented demos.

Number of labs related to VMware virtualization industry in which you explore

  • How to create virtual machines and customizing its physical resources into virtual compute world
  • How to implement virtual networking between physical and virtual machines connectivity for resource sharing as well
  • Snapshots and detail backup options
  • Disaster recovery with snapshots
  • VMware Tools
  • Storage capabilities

Who this course is for:

  • Learner who wants to start their career in computer Virtualization world with VMware products or any virtualization product
  • Those who wants to start with virtualization and pursue their career in cloud computing
  • Those who want to prepare their self for virtualization Certification VCA,VCP 2020
  • Want to learn fundamentals of Data Center and Network Virtualization
  • System technician
  • System support
  • Network technician
  • IT or System Administrator or engineer

This course is totally free in Udemy

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