Udemy | TCP/IP Socket Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students 2020/1

TCP/IP Socket Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students

Udemy | TCP/IP Socket Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students 2020/1

What you’ll learn

  • TCP/IP Socket programming basics and advanced level with async/await in C# .Net
  • Develop a sound understanding of how networking applications communicate in C# .Net
  • Network Programming using .Net Framework networking Namespaces in C#


  • C# .Net programming language, basic skills
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017 or above will be needed to write C# .Net async code shown in this course
  • A PC which is connected to a network using Ethernet or WiFi capable of running .Net


Learn socket programming in C# .Net

Get proficient in computer network socket programming using TCP/IP streaming sockets and become a better professional programmer.

Each video of this course covers an important concept of client server socket programming & network communication. Ready to use C# code examples are supplied in Visual Studio solution form for you to download, and a demo after every couple of lectures will show you practical implementation of the concepts described earlier. 

          By the end of this course, you will be able to create C# (Sharp) .Net software capable of sending and receiving data over TCP/IP sockets on peer to peer basis with async and await keywords. You will learn not only socket programming, but async/await keywords as well. The course will make you a better programmer.

Why take this course? 

You should take this course if you’re a professional(or student) with some coding experience in the past but lack understanding of how computer networks work on a software level(either in C#, Java, or C++). 

You will learn techniques which are useful in real life scenarios commonly faced by programmers. 

Many students of distributed application programming university courses have taken this course in the past and posted positive comments in reviews. They were able to easily complete their assignments on their own after watching this course.                        

Section 1 is available for free, it contains very useful information anybody can benefit from, whether they’re familiar with C#.Net or not. 

Minimum upfront theory 

A lot of courses tend to pile up theory ahead of the real code, this course is going take a minimum theory first approach. 

You will learn essentials of network programming and start writing C# code in under 15 minutes. 

Course headings

Course content
73 lectures 04:37:32

Essential Networking Theory For Socket Programming
6 lectures 13:12

Socket Programming in C# For Beginners
13 lectures 01:01:47

TCP/IP Server Asynchronous Socket Programming With async & await Keywords in C#
12 lectures 55:00

Async Client Side Socket Programming
10 lectures 29:44

Using Publisher Subscriber Model To Add Events for socket library in C# .Net
5 lectures 25:41

Socket Programming: Additional Helpful Topics in C# .Net
6 lectures 14:50

Deprecated Section: Creating a TCP/IP socket server
9 lectures 33:20

Deprecated Section: Creating a TCP/IP socket client
6 lectures 17:36

Deprecated Section: Common Network Programming Topics
6 lectures 25:23

Course specifications:

Publisher: Udemy
teacher: Naeem Akram
Level: Advanced to advanced
Duration: 04:37:32
English language

 TCP/IP Socket Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students

password : coursedownloader.net

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