Udemy | Securing Microservices in AspNetCore World(netcore5) 2/2021

Securing Microservices in AspNetCore World(netcore5) udemy

Udemy | Securing Microservices in AspNetCore World(netcore5) 2/2021

What you’ll learn

  • Developing Secure Microservices using AspNetCore5 and IdentityServer4


  • Intermediate programming skills in C# programming language


This course is a very detailed  course which is unique in the sense that it covers all aspects of security and user management in the microservices world.

What you will learn in this course specifically as follows:

You will learn how to develop applications using AspNet Core 5 and  ORM  tool Entityframeworkcore 5

You will learn how a code-first approach is used to create databases and its tables corresponding to your model classes.

How to develop simple microservices applications and secure them with specific protocols.

Learn the two important security  protocols (OAuth2 and OpenId Connect) used nowadays in microservices architectures

You will learn how to add the latest state-of the art security mechanism called PKCE to enhance the security of your apps.

How to secure microservices with a state of the art Centralized Authorization Server which implements the above two security protocols

How to make microservices communicate with each other either using direct call over the wire by  HttpClient.

How to build User Management additions into the Authorization Server with role based authorization

How to use RabbitMq and Masstransit for communication between microservices over messaging without tight coupling

How to incorporate Serilog logging into the Authorization Server for better and structured logging onto the console.(You can extend the same functionality into the other microservices by following the same procedure)

How to use the new Microsoft technology Tool Microsoft Tye for easy development and deployment of microservices

Learn to use Microsoft Tye’s service discovery functionality

Learn to use the dashboard that Microsoft Tye provides automatically  for observing the elements(microservices, db servers etc.)  of the application and the logs created automatically

Learn to use tye.yaml file structure that replaces docker-compose.yaml files for microservices orchestration.

Every detail towards our final goal is shown and explained in clear terms during the course.

I hope you buy the course and enter into the world of safeguarding your applications with the best technology and tools available out there.

Securing Microservices in AspNetCore World(netcore5) udemy
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