Udemy | Physics – Dynamics for High School and AP Physics 1

Physics - Dynamics for High School and AP Physics 1

Udemy | Physics – Dynamics for High School and AP Physics 1

What you’ll learn

Have a deep understanding of the concepts of dynamics such as Newton's Laws, Centripetal Motion, and Gravitation. 


Students should have already completed Algebra and Geometry courses. 


This course is one of several courses designed for Algebra Based AP Physics 1. In this course we will cover the topic of Dynamics, which includes Newton’s Laws, Linear Forces, Centripetal Forces, and Gravitation.

The videos and resources will include lectures, demonstrations, and plenty of worked out example problems with High School physics curriculum and the AP Physics 1 curriculum in mind. This is perfect for any student planning to take the AP exam or any Introductory College physics student. While this course does not cover calculus based physics, any student enrolled in such course will still benefit from the ground work laid out here.

While this course does have sections for both High School and AP Level Physics, the videos intended for the AP crowed will be clearly labeled.

Upon completion of this course students should look to complete my other courses regarding the other content areas in AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.
Who this course is for:

Any student enrolled in High School or AP Physics as well as any introductory College Physics Student.

Course specifications:

Publisher: Udemy
teacher:Corey Mousseau
Level: Advanced to advanced
English language

Physics - Dynamics for High School and AP Physics 1

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