Udemy | Nginx 2019 Beginner to Advanced

Udemy Nginx course

Udemy | Nginx 2019 Beginner to Advanced

NGINX is one of the top grade HTTP Server which powers most of the top Enterprise websites like Netflix, Dropbox , WordPress, GitHub, Discovery and many others.

This is one of the first course which is specially designed for Beginners who would like to master NGINX. NGINX is not just a HTTP Server but can also act as a Reverse Proxy, Load Balancer.

Mastering NGINX means having a solid foundation for HTTP Protocol. Thus this course initially focuses on HTTP Protocol and then we slowly move to NGINX and using NGINX in an High Performance Enterprise Environment . All designed for beginners.

Who this course is for:
This course is for students / professionals who would love to master NGINX

Course content:
– Setting Up Labs
– HTTP Protocol
– Getting Started with NGINX
– Reverse Proxy
– Load Balancers
– The Caching Subsystem
– Static Assets
– Access Control
– Logging Subsystem
– HTTP Compression
– Yet To Decide
– Web Application Firewall
– Cryptography Module

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