Udemy | Linux Basics for Hadoop Administrators

Udemy Linux Basics for Hadoop Administrators

Udemy | Linux Basics for Hadoop Administrators

What you’ll learn

  • Linux Basics for Hadoop Administrators
  • installing and setup linux environment , Learn basic linux


  • People with no prior IT experience is needed


Hello Guys,

Welcome to this course on Linux Basics , my name is Sijeesh I will be your instructor for this course. The reason why I publish this course is most of the Hadoop Administrators were asking me to teach Linux Basics . As a Hadoop Administrator you should know certain amount of Linux to manage your day to day tasks.You need not to study complete Linux administration skill set , I have added only some subset of Linux Administration topics that are needed for a hadoop administrator . If you are interested , I request you to go ahead and learn complete Linux administration as it makes your life much more easier.

Course specifications:

Publisher: Udemy
teacher: Sijeesh Kunnotharamal
Level: Advanced to advanced
Duration: 03:00:00
English language

Linux Basics for Hadoop Administrators

Part one Part two

You can also use Linux Administration +Linux Command Line+Linux Server 3 in 1 Course 🙂

Source : www.udemy.com

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