Udemy | Learn Hacking Using Android From Scratch 2019

Udemy – Learn Hacking Using Android From Scratch 2019-3

Udemy | Learn Hacking Using Android From Scratch 2019

What you’ll learn

  • 45+ Lectures to teach you how to use your android device to hack into other computers & networks
  • Root and unlock your Android device (For nexus devices only)
  • Spy on computers wirelessly (ARP Spoofing) or by connecting to them using the USB cable (BadUSB Attack)
  • Gain full control over Windows/OSX/Linux devices as soon as you connect your Android device to them
  • Bypass OSX/Windows login screens
  • Create a fake access point with internet connection & spy on clients
  • Install NetHunter on your Android Device (For nexus devices only)
  • Gain full control over any computer in the same network using a number of methdos
  • Install other apps needed for penetration testing
  • Install Kali Linux as a virtual machine inside windows or OSX
  • Discover all wifi networks around you and gather information about them
  • Prepare your Android device to be used to crack Wi-Fi passwords (WEP/WPA/WPA2)
  • Discover devices in the same network & their OS, open ports, running services …etc
  • Carry out a number of man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Analyse packet files using Wireshark
  • Setup your android device to execute OS commands as soon as connected to a target computer
  • Combine a number of methods to represent real life senarios
  • Secure yourself against the discussed attacks


  • Basic IT skills
  • Some Experience Using Android
  • An Android device preferably a Nexus device or OnePlus One phone


Welcome to my comprehensive course on hacking using Android! you will start as a beginner with no previous knowledge about hacking, and by the end of it you’ll be at an intermediate level being able to use an Android device to hack into networks, computers and more!

The course will start with you from scratch, from preparing your Android device and computer, installing the needed apps and will finish up with examples of real life scenarios that will give you full control over various computer systems.

This course focuses on the practical side penetration testing without neglecting the theory, for each attack you will learn how that attack works and then you will learn how to practically launch that attack, this will give you full understanding of the conditions which allow this attack to be successful, this knowledge will help you to detect and sometimes prevent such attacks. The the attacks explained in this course are launched against real devices in my lab.

Course specifications:

Publisher: Udemy
teacher: Zaid Sabih, z Security
Level: Advanced to advanced
Duration: 04:19:00
English language

 Udemy – Learn Hacking Using Android From Scratch 2019-3

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You can also use Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Course πŸ™‚

Source : www.udemy.com

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