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Udemy GO programming language

Udemy | GO programming language

What you’ll learn

  • Go language
  • Go API development


  • Visual studio code


The course will cover all the necessary elements of go language – from basic data types and functions, to files and API development. Everything is covered in a simple and straightforward fashion, therefore it will not take a lot of time for you to learn all that you need. We will start with basics, pay a lot of attention to syntax and explore what Go has to offer. Who this course is for:

  • API developers
  • Programmers

Course specifications:

teacher: Taurius Litvinavicius
Level: Advanced to advanced
Duration: 01:57:11
Number of lessons:16 lessons
English language

Udemy GO programming language

Free Download

You can also use Python Programming for Developers Course 🙂

Source : www.udemy.com

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