Pluralsight | C# Tips and Traps

C# Tips and Traps

Pluralsight | C# Tips and Traps

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you don’t know. Short-circuit your learning of C# and level-up your code with this collection of C# and .NET features.

Author : Jason Roberts

There are so many features of C# and .NET that are underutilized or unknown that can make solving problems easier. In this course, C# Tips and Traps, you will gain the ability to more easily implement C# solutions. First, you will learn string, number, date, and object tips. Next, you will discover tips related to file paths and URIs, in addition to tips related to structuring and compiling classes and code. Finally, you will explore how to cast and convert types, and also how to get and control information about the runtime environment. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of C# needed to develop effective C# applications with less code.

Course info

Level : Intermediate | Duration : 4h 7m | Released : 13 Dec 2019

This is “Pluralsight | C# Tips and Traps” Course. Here in Course Downloader , You can Download This Course With Your Premium Account.

Course Overview

1m 8s

String, Character, and Formatting Tips

29m 47s

Tips for Working with Numbers and Dates

29m 47s

Data Types and Object Tips

21m 42s

Tips for Working with Files, Paths, and URIs

29m 22s

Organizing and Structuring Classes and Code

24m 10s

Compilation Tips

28m 23s

Tips for Casting and Conversions

20m 39s

Runtime Execution Tips

27m 52s

Bonus Tips

34m 51s

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