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Packt Understanding Django

Packt | Understanding Django

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For Python developers who have an interest in building web apps in Python, Understanding Django is the course that will help you start building apps with this popular Python web framework. This course will teach you how to use Django to build web apps. You can be sure that you will learn everything you need to know to build the apps you envision in Django.

Why Django? This fully-featured framework that supplies pretty much anything you need to build web apps without having to install extra libraries. You don’t have to search around for the perfect library because most requirements (such as sending emails, handling logging, file uploads, and more) are already included in Django. Once you enroll, you’ll get access to several hours of content that you can work through at your own pace. The code for all the videos is included, which makes it much easier for you to follow along. Once you purchase the course, feel free to protect your investment by downloading all the course videos and code into your personal library.

You’ll start by learning the basics of Django through an example diary app. After this, we go into more detail about topics such as working with views, templates, models, and user authentication.

And, since the best way to learn is by example, you’ll build two additional demo applications using only what you learned in the preceding sections. You’ll see how easy it is to build Django apps.

You’ll build a diary app that allows users to save their thoughts online; a forum app that allows multiple users to post and chat with each other; and finally a video site app that enables video uploads and allows users to watch them.


  • Hours of a video explaining all the fundamentals of the Django web framework. The videos cover how to use Django and examples of apps built with Flask.
  • Explanations targeted at beginners. We don’t assume you know anything about Django, so we explain all the code that gets written. We don’t just show you how we also explain why.

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You can also use Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp Course 🙂

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