Packt | Blender 2.8 Game Character Creation

Packt | Blender 2.8 Game Character Creation

Packt | Blender 2.8 Game Character Creation

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  • Create 3D modelling in Blender 2.8
  • UV mapping
  • Texturing and sculpting
  • Baking a normal map
  • Rigging a character in Blender 2.8


In this course, you’ll create a game character using Blender 2.8, export it to Unity, and configure it so you can control it in the game engine.

Beginning with modelling, you’ll use Blender 2.8 to build all the individual pieces of a Lego character. And then you’ll learn how to UV-map each of the parts, and then create an efficient, unified UV map of the entire character. You will use Blender’s texture painting tools to create the character’s clothes and you’ll use the Sculpt tools to create high-res details of the hair. You’ll then learn how to bake a normal map in Blender and apply the textures to the character model.

Next, we’ll work on rigging the character. We will begin with a single bone, and create the rig manually, so you can see how a character rig is built from the ground up. You’ll learn how to create a Foot Roll Rig and how to use Blender 2.8’s new process for creating custom shapes to control the character. Once the rig is done, we’ll show you a cool technique: using Blender 2.8’s new Grease Pencil tools to animate both a 2D drawn face and a 3D body at the same time. With this technique, we will create the character’s Idle, Run, and Jump animations, ready to be used in a game engine.

You will then learn how to export the character, animations, and textures out of Blender and bring them into the Unity game engine. And here you will learn how to set-up the character in the game and even how to retarget third-party animations onto our character, using Unity’s Humanoid Rig system.

Finally, we will write a simple C# script to incorporate our 2D and 3D animations and get the character running around the level.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a game character and are interested in getting up-to-speed in Blender 2.8, then this course is for you. So, join me as we create a game character in Blender 2.8.


  • Animating a 2D face with Grease Pencil
  • Creating animation cycles for a video game
  • Exporting a character and animations from Blender 2.8 to Unity
  • Creating a C# script in Unity to control a game character

Packt Blender 2.8 Game Character Creation

Part one Part two

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