Lynda | Git for System Administration

Git for System Administration

Lynda | Git for System Administration

Git was designed with software developers in mind. But this popular distributed version control system—which makes it easy for individuals in different locations to manage changes to source code and text files—can also be useful in the world of system administration. In this course, discover how to use Git to better manage change and centralize system administration. Instructor Grant McWilliams shows how to install Git on several different operating systems. He then covers how to create local and remote repositories, create and analyze commits, and roll back to previous versions of files. To wrap up, he shares real-world strategies for managing system files using version control, as well as how to leverage third-party tools that extend the system’s capabilities.

Topics include:

Why use Git for system administration?
Installing Git on different operating systems
Creating a local repository
Committing and adding files
Rolling back changes
Creating a remote Git repository
Strategies for managing system files

Working with third-party Git tools

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