Code With Mosh | Ultimate Java Part 3: Advanced Topics

Ultimate Java Part 3: Advanced Topics

Code With Mosh | Ultimate Java Part 3: Advanced Topics

Want to level-up your Java skills and reach the advanced level? Want to become an in-demand Java developer for exciting software companies?

This course is exactly what you need, and more. You’ll even get a certificate of completion to add to your resume.

This course is the third part of a series. In the first two parts, we covered the fundamentals and object-oriented programming principles. In this part, we’ll explore the advanced Java features using crystal-clear and real-world examples.

I’ll help you expand your programming skills and equip you with techniques that you can immediately put into practice.

And more importantly, I promise I won’t waste your time. Every single minute of this course is worth watching. No unnecessary repetitions, no fluff, no boring videos here. Simply put, No BS!

  • Master the advanced Java constructs
  • Stay up-to-date with the modern Java features
  • Build fast, scalable applications
  • Write easier to read and maintain code
  • Become a better Java developer

What You’ll Learn

  • Exception Handling
  • Generics
  • Collections Framework
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Functional Interfaces
  • Streams
  • Multi-threading
  • Asynchronous Programming


Getting Started
2 lectures Exceptions (43m)
13 lectures Generics (43m)
13 lecturesCollections (1h)
14 lecturesLambda Expressions and Functional Interfaces (44m)
17 lectures

Streams (1h)
16 lectures

Concurrency and Multi-threading (1h)
19 lectures

The Executive Framework (70m)
20 lectures

Code With Mosh



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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

You can also use Code with Mosh | Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals Course

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