Code With Mosh | Ultimate Java Part 2: Object-oriented Programming

Code With Mosh | Ultimate Java Part 2: Object-oriented Programming

What is Object-oriented Programming (OOP)?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a popular programming paradigm or style of programming. It’s been around since ‘70s, but unlike tools and frameworks that come and go, OOP is still very relevant today. That’s because it’s not a programming language or a tool. It’s a style of programming.

Why learn OOP?

OOP helps you manage and reduce complexity in software by building re-usable building blocks (objects). Properly designed objects provide a simple interface and hide the unnecessary complexity from the outside, just like a DVD player! A DVD player has a complex logic board on the inside and a few buttons on the outside. When you press the play button, you don’t care how all those microchips talk to each other.

Object-oriented programming helps you:

  • Manage and reduce complexity
  • Eliminate redundant code
  • Build re-usable building blocks
  • Write cleaner code

 Ultimate Java Part 2: Object-oriented Programming

Accelerated Java Skills

This series of Java courses is like no other. Hundreds of hours of effort have been put in to making it the most comprehensive and structured ultimate collection of Java courses available today.

You’ll acquire all the skills to grasps object-oriented programming concepts in just 4 hours.

What you get:

  • Level up your Java skills
  • Flexible learning, at your own pace, on any device


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You can also use The Java Design Patterns Course 🙂

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