Code with Mosh | Python Programming for Developers 2019

Code with Mosh – Python Programming for Developers 2019

Code with Mosh | Python Programming for Developers 2019

Why Learn Python?

Boost your existing skills – growing demand for Python developers
It’s versatile – Mathematicians, scientists and engineers use it for various applications
Easier to master than languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, etc.
Universities teach it – both in computer science and other courses
Big companies use it – Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify, Quora, etc.
Runs cross-platform – Python apps work on Windows, Mac, Linux

What can you do with Python?

Scripting – easily automate repetitive tasks e.g. web crawling, sending emails…
App backends – use Python frameworks to build app backends fast with less code
AI & machine learning – number 1 language in this field – big library & data collection
Data analysis & visualization – perfect for today’s big data world
Computation & calculation – simple syntax & many powerful libraries – scientists, engineers, mathematicians can focus on creating algorithms, formulae, etc.
Desktop apps – Dropbox desktop app is written in Python! Need I say more?!
Education – Python is popular globally in schools, colleges, universities. It’s so simple that young kids can pick it up, but so powerful PHD students use it.

Course specifications:

teacher: Mosh Hamedani
Level: Advanced to advanced
English language

Code with Mosh – Python Programming for Developers 2019

Part one Part two Part three Part four

Part five Part six Part seven Part eight

You can also use the The Complete Python Programming Course 🙂

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