Android & Kotlin Tutorials | Reactive Programming with Kotlin

Reactive Programming with Kotlin

Android & Kotlin Tutorials | Reactive Programming with Kotlin

Learn Reactive Programming in Kotlin with RxJava!

Not only will you learn how to use RxJava to create complex reactive applications on Android, you’ll also see how to solve common application design issues by using RxJava, RxAndroid and RxKotlin. Finally, you’ll discover how to exercise full control over the library and leverage the full power of reactive programming in your apps. Specifically, learn to handle asynchronous event sequences via two key concepts in Rx—Observables and Observers. Hone your UI development with RxJava and companion libraries to make it easy to work with the UI of your apps, providing a reactive approach to handling user events. Dig into both intermediate and advanced topics, such as error handling, schedulers, app architecture, repositories, and integrating RxJava with Android Jetpack.

Note: This book will be updated Summer 2020

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