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Digging into Node.js

Frontend Masters | Digging Into Node.js 2019/7

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Workshop Details It’s no secret that Node.js has taken the JavaScript world by storm. But where do you get started when all you see are tens of thousands of packages/frameworks on npm? The best place to start is always at…
Kubernetes Essentials

A Cloud Guru | Kubernetes Essentials

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Kubernetes is a powerful tool. It can help you manage complex applications and provides you with the ability to easily automate tasks involved in managing them. In this course, we will explore Kubernetes from a beginner’s standpoint. We will discuss…
Ethical Hacking with JavaScript

Lynda | Ethical Hacking with JavaScript

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Web applications combine complexity and exposure to networks. JavaScript and the web offer great power, but also many opportunities to leave doors open to hackers. Ethical hacking lets you find those open doors before they can be exploited, and ensure…